Organizer: Association of Athletics Sports Clubs Vítkovice

Date: Saturday 1 June 2019

Place: Ostrava

Starting point: Náměstí biskupa Bruna (in front of 'Forum Nova Karolina' Shopping Centre)

Online registration: from 15 November 2018

On-site registration: Triple Hall Karolina

Registration times: 30 May 2019, 15:00 – 20:00, 1 June 2019 8:00 - 12:30

Start of the first race: 9:30

The end: at approx. 14:40

Afterparty with raffle and the announcement of the results: 15:00


9:30 - run for children (1000 m)

10:30 - Nordic Walking 2.5 km

11:20 - 2.5 km women's run

12:15 - 5 km women's run

13:20 - 10 km women's run

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event program.



Starting 15 Nov 2018 to 25 May 2019 you can register online at or Only by signing up to 25 May 2019 you may obtain starting number with your own name on it. After this date signing up is possible only at the race office in the opening hours below.

You can sign up as individual or as a team member. Individuals are evaluated in the individual competition on the route of their choice.


You can also run in a team of four women. Team race will be held only on the route of 5 km. The winner is the team with the lowest sum of time of all its members. Three best teams will be announced. At the same time team members are evaluated in the individual race. The name of your team depends only on your creativity.


One of the team members sign up filling in given PIN code. Then she sends a PIN code to other team members who register to the team. A confirmation email will be sent to all team members. However, only the first one registered will pay the fee.


  • participation in the Czech Women's Run on the route of your choice
  • welcome pack
  • original Nike running t-shirt
  • peronalized start number with electronic chip (peronalized start number only when registered up to 25 May 2019)
  • kinesiotaping
  • pre-race massage
  • your hydration regime during the run
  • refreshments after the race
  • childcare during the competition
  • all-day special events
  • afterparty and concert
  • the raffle
  • discount on Nike products
  • a commemorative medal
  • diploma
  • text message with results after the race
  • insurance against accidents


up to 31 Jan 2019 ... individuals 377,- CZK / teams 1.400,- CZK personalized start number

up to 25 May 2019 ... individuals 577,- CZK / teams 2.200,- CZK personalized start number

from26 May 2019 and on site ... individuals 777,- CZK / teams 2.800,- CZK unpersonalized start number

Paid entry fee is non-refundable can be olny passed on to another participant.

Registration is completed after paying the fee payment (full amount to the account of the organizer in cash or by bank transfer).


Up to 25 May 2019 you can register online, after that only on-site at the race office.

Participation in the event is free.

Each child receives the start number and a medal after the race.

Parental consent to the participation of a minor under 15 years of age in Czech Women´s Run Ostrava 2019 download here »


Friday 30 May 2019 - 15:00 - 20:00

Saturday 1 June 2019 - 8:00 - 13:00

Registration of competitors will be held in Triple Hall Karolina at the back of the Shopping Centre - Forum Nova Karolina.

Registration of competitors will be always completed 30 minutes before the start of a particular race.

When registering each competitor will receive a start number with a chip. Chip which is part of the start number is permanently glued to the back of the number.

Please do not remove!

Women registered before 10 May 2017 will obtain personalized start number.

Then each participant will receive a voucher for a Welcome Pack, which they can pick up in the Nike store in the Shopping Centre - Forum Nova Karolina.


In each category only 3 best runners will be announced. Announcement of results will take place after the end of all races.

Z34: age 34 or less (born on or before1985)

Z44: age 35 - 44 (born 1984-1975)

Z54: age 45 - 54 (born 1974-1965)

Z55: age 55 and older (born 1964 and earlier)

NORDIC WALKING has no age categories.


1 000 m – children with their parents

2.5 km - Nordic Walking - all age categories

2.5 km – all age categories

5 km - all age categories

10 km- all age categories


For recording your time chips timing system is used. Disposable chips are placed on the back of your start number. The number must be placed on the runner's chest not on the back. Please do not bend or remove the chip, in order to avoid demaging it, so that your run time can be recorded accurrately. The time of each competitor will be recorded when crossing the start and the finish line. On the final results list two times will be recorded. Gross Time is the time from the moment the starter's gun is fired to when you cross the finish-line. The second time called net time (or chip time) is measured from when a runner crosses the start-line to when they cross the finish-line mat. Classification is according to the principles of athletics which means according to gross time from the moment starter's gun is fired.


After completing the race the participants will receive a text message with results and classification. Please do not forget to write down your phone number when registering. Complete results will be displayed on and will also be available in paper form next to the registration office.

Dipolmas will be downloadable on our website. Your name, classification and your achieved time will be displayed on your diploma. Please provide true and comprehensive information in the registration form.


1.Move by taking alternative steps. Ensure that the leading foot is on contact with the ground before the following foot is lifted off the ground.

2.Ensure that at no point are both feet off the ground simultaneously.

3.Ensure that the arms and legs move alternatively.

4.Use the poles such that the feet of the poles are not planted in front of the alternate foot at any stage of the action except when ascending or descending steep rises or steps. Length of stick must be such that the elbow should form a right angle (the person's height x 0.68).

5.Use the poles so that they pass through all stages of the Nordic Walking technique from the plant through to the push behind the hips and torso.

6.Ensure that the grip on the pole is partially released from the hand only at the end of the swing.

7. It is allowed only to walk. Running will lead to immediate disqualification.

8. It is allowed to walk only at designated walking routes. Shortening routes or moving beyond them will lead to disqualification.

9. Preventing faster runner from outrunning is also the reason for disqualification.


Please use the underground parking area of the Shopping Centre - Forum Nova Karolina.


Changing rooms with showers are available in Triple Hall Karolina next to registration office.


Traffic on routes of run will be stopped, nevertheless taking care by following the safety rules is your own responsibility.


Free deposit box for your personal belongings will be located at Triple Hall Karolina next to registration office.


Each participant is responsible for her health condition. Sport clubs take responsibility for the health condition of submitted athletes. Parents are responsible for the children under fifteen. By signing up for the competition each competitor states that her health allows her to participate in the race.


Two refreshment stations and one water station will be positioned along the route. Their positions on the route will be determined no later than one month before the competition. If the participant wants to have her own water bottle at the water station, it must be give to the organizers no later than on Saturday at 8:30 at registration. Bottle has to be signed.


  • The competitor may participate only after proper registration.
  • Participants under 15 years of age may participate in the competitions for adults only with the written consent of a parent/guardian.
  • Each participant declares that they enter the competition and they are responsible for their wellbeing and are physically fit to participate in the competition.
  • The organizer of the competition shall not be liable for personal injury damages to property related to the taking part in the race as a participant or as a spectator.
  • All competitors are asked to have a great concern for the environment, not throwing rubbish and complying to the designated routes and rules of the event.
  • Each participant is required to know and comply with all instructions, which are published before the competition and can be found on
  • The participants confirm that they will abide by the rules of the competition. Any violations may result in disqualification.
  • The organizer reserves the right to cancel the competition in the case of unforeseen circumstances, natural disaster or very unfavorable weather conditions. In these circumstances, the organizer is not obliged to refund the entry fee or any other payments.
  • Insurance against accidents is included in the fee.


  • Enroll by filling in and submitting the registration form on
  • You can also register on-site in the race office.
  • All the children participating in the race must be registered.
  • Registration is completed after paying the fee payment (full amount to the account of the organizer in cash or by bank transfer).
  • The payment not confirmed within 10 days of registration is automatically canceled.
  • Paid entry fee is non-refundable can be olny passed on to another participant.
  • Changes are possible only by e-mail: Changes are free.

GENERAL RULES FOR On-site registration

  • Each signed up participant is required to register on the race day at a time and place designated by the organizer.
  • Registration is only possible in person, upon presentation of a valid identity card or through another person with a written request. The document must contain the name, date of birth, start number and selected route as well as the personal information about the authorized person.
  • Team registration can be completed by only one team member.
  • Registration for DM Family Run is possible only by a legal representative.
  • When registering, each competitor receives a star pack.
  • You cannot pick up the start pack after the run.
  • The organizer guarantees the size of the ordered Nike T-shirts only by 30 Oct 2016.

GENERAL RULES of the competition

  • Mass start in accordance with the IAAF (except of Nordic Walking and DM Family Run).
  • Start number with built-in chip for time recording must be placed on the chest and must be visible at all times. Please do not remove the chip to avoid its damaging.
  • Starting number is not transferable to another person. Violation of this rule leads to disqualification.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use: skate rolls, trekking poles, bicycles and other means of transport (except of sticks for Nordic Walking).
  • It is forbidden to take any shortcuts or to block the route.
  • Animals at the start and finish line are forbidden for safety reasons.
  • Regenerative meals are provided after the race.
  • The first three participants in each category will be awarded. Unclaimed prizes will be detained by the organizer and cannot be claimed after.
  • Complaints about the result can be sent by e-mail within 5 calendar days after the event at


  • Compete at 5 km route.
  • Four runners run at the same time. Their times are added. The team with the lowest sum of times wins.


  • Mass start without time measuring.
  • All children, possibly accompanied by parents run the same route.
  • Only children are registered and they receive a start number.
  • Each child receives a welcome pack and medal after the race.


  • Mass start.
  • Sticks are obligatory. You can borrow them at the office of the race.
  • Other rules as above.


  • Raffle prizes are distributed on the basis of start numbers.
  • All start numbers are included in the raffle.
  • Raffle will be drawn at the time and place specified in schedule of the event.
  • In the case that the number drawn is not present, another number is drawn.

NOTE! The organizer reserves the right to make changes.